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Bringing small town WASH to the world

During a couple of weeks in May, the acclaimed photographer Ian Berry travelled in Nampula to document the problems and potential solutions to the lack of water and sanitation infrastructure in small towns in Mozambique, especially along the Nacala corridor in Nampula province. Mr. Berry, who is writing a book on water and waterways, is preparing the material for a multimedia film on the topic of small town WASH and UNICEF’s work in the field. The multimedia film will be distributed through global media outlets to highlight the issues related to water and sanitation in small town settings.

Photographer Ian Berry

Photographer Ian Berry covering the drilling of a bore hole in Monapo, one of the small towns included in the NAMWASH project.


Everyone wants Impact. In the spirit of aid effectiveness, all water and sanitation development programmes are required to provide evidence of impact. This is beyond the conventional engineering rhetoric of number of pumps/taps or sanitation systems constructed and there contribution to the Millennium Development Goal Number 7.

Water drilling in Mozambique

One Million Initiative Mozambique

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Mozambique is experiencing a rapid proliferation of private sector participation in a number of key sectoral areas such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture and industry. These developments are resulting in an increased migration of skilled (and unskilled) to small urban centres. These centres require essential services such as water, sanitation, roads, schools, communication, health centres etc.

What are we doing to respond to these development challenges?

Why are our colleagues from the communications sector (VODACOM etc) ahead of us in ensuring that the people get a mobile phone before a TOILET?

This BLOG is going to follow developments in this area.

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